Drowning in Depression
Audio 13 of the “Depression Help” Podcasts

The most valuable lessons are learnt from our own experiences. So let me share my experience in helping two clients – both very capable women as they recovered from their drowning in depression nightmare.

Listen to this Thirteenth Audio of the “Depression Help” series and you can also read the accompanying blog post.

Listen/download to my audio: Drowning in depression and recovery – the lessons learnt from Isobel and Rachel

Read my Depression Help Blog post: Drowning in depression and recovery – the lessons learnt from Isobel and Rachel

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Audio 13: Drowning in Depression

There are interesting lessons to be gleaned about Isobel’s and Rachel’s recovery from depression, as their similarities far outweigh their apparent differences.

The first similarity is how high both scored at the first session – indicating the desperate extent of their distress. Isobel was the highest I have ever come across and Rachel, though lower signified a still severe level of distress. And their suffering was a classic depression – of continual useless rumination and waking up completely exhausted and so being literally drowning and at the end of their tether. The second was that both were very capable women.  Isobel was in her late twenties and Rachel was in her mid forties and both had many achievements to their name, could realistically expect to make further progress to live a life that worked – relationships, work and so on.

For both, the overwhelming problems were the slow and steady build up of life pressures that were in their different ways becoming overwhelming. And the fact that this was a new experience for both, had reached the stage where it was adding to their mental and emotional exhaustion and constant rumination.

For both, recovery took the classic path – well classic for those who come to see me. So I took pressure off both by normalising like mad.  They both listened to my Depression Mp3 and only when they were feeling better (which was within a week or so) did we begin to look at the needs side of things.

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