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This suite is devoted to the action you need to take to get your life working as it should - for if you do that, then your depression will be over. It is based on the Organising Idea of Human Givens. Auditing your essential needs, building your resources, setting goals and rehearsing the change you need.

You will also have a clear idea of the barriers that are stopping you achieve this and if they cannot be resolved easily – what next to do about this.

How to Access Your Downloads

  1. Clicking each link will open the audio up in a new window for you to listen to immediately
  2. Right Clicking each link & selecting "save as" or "save file" will allow you to save them to your computer for future listening

AN1 Introduction

AN2 Auditing Needs

AN3 Building Resources

AN4 Attention and Tips

AN5 Goals & Rehearsal

AN1 summarises the Human Givens organising idea and what is coming next.

AN2 sets out how you can audit your life – to understand the extent to which your essential emotional needs are being met. It makes use of my Needs Pagoda.

AN3 is an extended audio which allows you to identity your strengths and resources and then to amplify them and bank them for future use.

AN4 has a different tone to the others. More polemical and opinionated – putting into context and sharp relief the deficiencies of the standard depression help available, and considering my own experiences – both successful and at times unsuccessful in helping my clients overcome their depression.

AN5 is a trance visualisation – so you can set goals, activate your resources and visualise the changes you need for a better life balance. 

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