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The purpose of Trauma Release is ambitious. It is to give you the understanding and the tools you need to identify and then clear the trauma memories that are disfiguring your life – even if unknowingly.  These trauma memories are ever present or periodically present and they cannot seem to be cleared.

If these trauma release audios “work”, then you will be aware very quickly that they have - by feeling more relaxed and lighter.

How to Access Your Downloads

  1. Clicking each link will open the audio up in a new window for you to listen to immediately
  2. Right Clicking each link & selecting "save as" or "save file" will allow you to save them to your computer for future listening

TR1 Preparing

TR2 Straightforward

TR3 Extended

TR4 Confused

TR5 Depression

TR6 Future

TR7 Hidden

These audios will require your time and attention. TR1 is the essential first step as you learn what is needed and why. Only move on from TR1 when you are ready. And part of this is to know where next to go amongst the rest of the TR audios. You may not have to listen to all of them all. The Q3 Questionnaire will also be an important guide to how to use these important Trauma Release audios. 

For most of you TR2 is the next stop especially as this is where to go to test the process – perhaps with a less powerful memory.

TR3 is the audio if you are not sure that there is a particular memory, but rather an extended period of bad memories and experiences which are joined up in some way.

TR4 is for memories where what is real cannot be separated from what might have been.

TR5 focuses on the trauma memories of past depressions.

TR6 is designed to clear fearful projections that have the same power as a trauma.

TR7 explains what next to do if you believe something is still there but you have not been able to identify and clear it.

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