Healing Emotions, not thoughts
Audio 4 of “Wellbeing” Podcasts

To heal mental distress means healing emotions – it’s that simple.  I have never really understood why any serious mental health therapist could ever really believe that what we think or what we say we think, especially when under stress was ever very important, by comparison.

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It is axiomatic that for those in mental distress, emotional arousal will be high (periodically or continually) and that it is the reaction to this Whirlpool of emotion (see image) that is an integral part of mental distress. Human Givens argues that for all of us, emotions will precede and drive the thought and action.  It follows that therapies which focus on challenging the thought (such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT) will always be flawed or at best hard work – like digging a garden with a kitchen spoon.

So, if the shifting of and the working with emotions is the essence of effective therapy, then the use of trance tools and methods would seem pretty important – as this is the well understood route into the REM state which is where emotions can be accessed and moderated. Is it too obvious to remark that for talking therapies that do not use trance (such as CBT), it is like asking GPs to treat bacterial infection without antibiotics or plumbers to mend central heating systems without screwdrivers?

So, if the core of mental distress is the failure of emotional resources to be working well; it will be with emotions that healing begins.

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