Emotions count more than thoughts
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What comes first? Is it the emotion that leads to the thought or is it the other way round? When healing depression do I focus on the emotion/feeling or the fearful, insecure and disempowering thought? The answer is simple – it the emotional response that needs to be changed and then better thoughts will follow.

You can listen to the second Audio 2 of the "Wellbeing" series and read the accompanying blog posting.

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Emotions are what really important and thoughts just tag along – it’s that simple.   And I confirm this to myself everyday in my therapy room.  If you can quieten down the emotional storm and then focus on using emotions well – ie to get that life working better, then healing from depression will happen.

Having understood that human beings are living entities that spend their existence in taking action to get essential needs met, it is the emotion that flows and courses within us that is the energy that drives that action. Emotions can be understood as an information system that transmits signals to our action centres so we can respond to what we find in the environment

And the key mechanism which generates emotions is metaphorical pattern matching.  Pattern matching is the means by which we can make sense of what we find in our environment – by matching that up to what we have already processed and stored before. Pattern matching is always metaphorical as we will never have been able to exactly replicate what is now happening from our past experiences. What we have stored is “like” what is happening now.

Do read what Human Givens has to say about this – the APET model

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