Brains are Flexibly Webbed and not Hardwired
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Human Givens has long argued that our emotional responses are both the key to our emotional health (to get our essential needs met) and where we should begin to look, if our life is not working.  Further, this will typically be a main source of any enduring mental and emotional problems. It is very reassuring to appreciate how flexible the human brain is – like a shimmering flexible web and certainly not hardwired. 

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The brain is a metaphorical pattern matching organ.  What this means is that we make sense of our daily experiences by relating it to what we have “stored” as past experiences. That what is happening now is similar in some way to a past memory and emotion?

The human brain is like a trembling web in the powerful metaphorical description of Ian Robertson in his Mind Sculpture. That everything that makes us who we are is embroidered in a trembling web of 100 billion brain cells. On average, each cell is connected 1000 times with other neurones, making a total of 100 000 billion connections. That there are more cell meeting points in the human brain than there are stars in the galaxy.

And not hard wired at all.

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