Harold’s diagnosis
Audio 8 of “Client Stories” Podcasts 

Psychiatrists believe they must make a diagnosis before they can possibly begin “treatment”. What they are doing is playing at being doctors. This is Harold’s experience.

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Harold had a diagnosis of Dysthymia.  It had been made by a real expert on mental illness, namely his NHS psychiatrist.  As a small detail and despite feeling pretty bad for months and having spent time seeing in addition, an NHS psychologist and a CBT therapist, Harold was still feeling just as rotten. Surprising I know. So what is Dysthymia?  I googled it and what I found was that it was the name given to an extended period of low mood – not depression you understand but a low mood, chronic and maybe quite mild at times.

At our fourth session it began to emerge how difficult his marriage was and how hard he found it to create the life he felt he and his wife were looking for. What was emerging was that their marriage was over and that this would be good for both of them.

Looking back it seems pretty clear to me what was going on. It was Harold’s marriage which just could not be made to work and the feelings he had around that – many of them quite disempowering. In other words he was stuck. Forget a crazy diagnosis. I would say that his marriage problems would be enough to lower anybody’s mood and makes so much more sense than a pointless and meaningless label, however exalted was the person who chose it.

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