Human Givens Organising Idea
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Human Givens is much more than yet another model of therapy. At its core it is a profound understanding of what it is to be human. These are the human givens. Listen to the organising idea of Human Givens here. It will seem obvious and this may obscure its deep profundity and usefulness.

You can listen to the first Audio of the "Wellbeing" series and read the accompanying blog posting.

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Audio 1: Human Givens Organising Idea
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Audio 6: A life without Attention
Audio 7: Mental Health Stigma
Audio 8: The Observing Self

The Human Givens come in two kinds:

  • The physical and emotional needs evolution has programmed into us, which seeks fulfilment through our interaction with the environment
  • The resources (or tools) nature provided us with to help us get those needs met

And so, what we do every minute of the day (you could say) is to use our resources as best we can to try to get our essential emotional needs met.

Who could argue with that? For more on Human Givens

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