Judy's amazing recovery

My son-in-law, Mario, told me about Andrew when I went over to England from the U.S.A.for Christmas. I had gone to  stay with him and my daughter because I was very sick and needed complete rest and care.

Four years ago, Mario had been in a terrible hit and run accident where he was knocked off his bicycle then run over by the car. Nearly every part of his body was injured. He is still receiving medical treatment. After two years, he was still having nightly flashbacks of the accident. He happened to see a small business card on a notice board saying, "Human Givens Practitioner" Andrew Richardson. He thought, I may as well try it.

After only one session with Andrew ,Mario's flashbacks were GONE!

Mario described what went on during the session. Andrew put him through several levels of relaxation into a "hypnotic" level. Now , I am very sceptical and think that I am much too stubborn to be hypnotized. However, I had been seriously  ill for over six months and no-one could do anything for me. So I thought, "What do I have to lose?"

Ha. I was right! He could not hypnotize me! However, Andrew did help me attain a deep feeling of relaxation and I was able to identify my need-which I understand is the premise of Human Givens Therapy. That was a huge step! I returned for a second visit the next day.

During the next couple of days, I noticed that my fears had dissipated a great deal. My energy was returning, I was no longer cross and angry about everything. My mind became clearer. I was much less confused.  Best of all, my  awful awful sobbing meltdowns that I had endured on a daily basis for six months STOPPED!

By the time I went for my third visit (primarily to share the good news) I was thinking more clearly and able to interact intelligently with Andrew. I found him to be a fountain of knowledge on Human Givens. He was so insightful and able to assess my needs so well. Nearly everything he said was directly related to my life/current situation. He was immensely helpful. It was as if he knew me better than anyone has ever known me. He listened to my responses and gave me feedback. It became an amazingly, exciting, interaction.

I Skype with Andrew now I am back in the States" Yes he can even Skype  a session!

I have a Pastoral Counselling background  myself and have spent many years among those in the  counseling/therapeutic and related professions and I must say, I have never met anyone like Andrew before.   My daughter had told me that Andrew worked Magic, but you have to experience it for yourself.

After Judy had written this, I asked her to explain in more detail how she was before she came to me and how her medical advisors had labelled her writes AndrewShe wrote this in reply:

Unbelievable stress for 12 months on top of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.  My doctor did tests and found cortisol levels reversed- which is common with ME. He said I was "completely flat lining and burned out" Had undergone 2 major surgeries in 2 weeks. Lost 36 pounds in weight.[ now weigh 98pounds] Looked like a Belsen survivor .Couldn't put a single pound back on. Memory shot to pieces and had horrible long meltdowns every day where I sobbed uncontrollably and sounded like a wild animal in pain -could not stop it.

Thank you for reading my story,

Dr. Judy Warrington, Gloucester Ma.  U.S.A

I heal emotions so you can live a happier and more fulfilled life

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