Lotte's story

Lotte wrote this story as she found that she was finally learning and healing from the trauma of her marriage and making it begin to work for all of her family.  She is the little girl and her husband is the little boy.  The monkeys are their boys and her husband’s parents are the hyenas.  I am the little fish.  And the eagle – well I am not sure but we have wise people who know something everywhere.

There was a little girl and boy in a boat, they loved each other and had fun playing together they were such friends. But the boat had two hyenas that were always barking and moving about on the boat so it rocked and sometimes made the little girl trip and fall. This didn't bother the boy and girl that much as they boy was used to the way the boat rocked and the noise and over all the fuss he could still see his good friend and it never stopped them have fun and being together. If ever the little boy really looked at the two hyenas fussing and rocking the boat he would call on his friend the eagle that would fly down and take the little boy to the pub. This helped the little boy understand the sea and the boat and the little girl and how he needed to fit it all together. But sometime when it got very rocky the little boy used to look into the water and see how beautiful it was, its deep blue colours and its magical creatures. He tried to show the little girl and the eagle and they both looked and saw the beauty of the deep blue and the world beneath and they saw how peaceful it made the little boy feel and they both smiled at each other. Soon the little boy and girl had two monkeys and oh how they loved their new pets they made the boat very crowded and sometime the little boy could hear the hyenas even more because there was less space in the little boat.

This is just what happen when you start to fill a boat up with little monkeys but everyone knows that monkeys are such fun that they are worth squishing into a boat for. Now because the boat was so squished up the little boy kept on looking at the sea, and the little girl couldn’t look with him because the monkeys kept on jumping on her head and putting their naughty fingers up her noise and all manner of monkey like things and she had to just make sure the monkeys were ok and did fall into the sea with all their games and fun. So the eagle said he would go into the water with the little boy to help him with how he felt about the boat being so full up now. The little girl was suddenly very sad because she wanted to play with the little boy in the water but the monkeys could swim yet. Then because the boat was so squished and squashed the little boy ended up next to the hyenas and they chatted and barked at him all night, they said when they had little monkeys one of them always left the other and that it was the way of nature worked and it was ok to do these thing to each other, that nature tells us that little boys and girls cannot stay together all the time, they have different roles on the boat, one does this and the other does that and it is only right that little boys have time away to cope with how very busy the boat gets with the monkeys and little girls should be told to stay in the boat.

And so the eagle and the boy whet into the water and the little girl’s heart broke. She pretended it didn't for the sake of the monkeys as they were such fun but inside her heart was broken. Then something changed, the eagle was out flying one day and found a mate, they made a nest and the eagle said to the little boy he couldn’t go into the water anymore because of the nest and his mate and he didn't always live in to boat and didn’t hear what they hyenas were saying about how old fashioned nature was and how little boys must have time away. So he did things in a different way. Then the little boy’s heart broke, he missed the eagle and it meant the barking and the chattering of the hyena's got more and more. And now the little girl had a broken heart and two monkeys and she could hardly see the little boy, he started to listen to the hyenas and what they thought about nature. He looked into the water a saw a beautiful swimming creature, it was half fish and half human, they all swam together and he felt so alone, being together with a pack of beautiful swimming creatures was so much more fun than the crowded little boat the naughtily little monkeys (who were getting naughtier and bigger) and a girl with a broken heart. The barks of the hyenas and what they said about nature and the little girls heart made it seem more important for little boys to escape and not be with and talk and sit in the boat with the little girl and try to mend their hearts together. Now even though he loved the monkeys and the little girl and he was especially good at being naughty with those monkeys, the little boy jumped into the water with the mermaids. And the little girl’s heart broke again. She went to the end of the boat and a little fish popped out of the sea and said rest at the end of the boat, life will always give you a place to rest and a sign. Then a coin from around one of their hyenas collars fell on the deck of the boat, the hyenas always got very jumpy when the little girls rested from looking after the little monkeys. And she released the coin was the sign, it showed how much the little boy had listen to the hyena's and now she understood it all. Sometimes the little boy would come back from the sea and play with the monkeys and then one day with all her strength the little girl began to sing, the little boy had never heard her sing, he started to make a noise like the hyena's and bark so loudly sometimes it made the little girl stop singing.

The noise the little boy was making was so painful for the little girl, because the hyenas had taught the little boy well and he barked - that it was nature’s way for boys to swim in the sea and that the little girl was just a girl and she was really not interested in the blue blue sea, she was frighten of it and just saying she wanted to swim because she wanted to stop the little by ever being away from the boat. But she looked at the monkeys and they cried we love to hear you sing, more more! And so she did and she slowly got better and better until the eagle and some of the otherwise eagles heard her. And slowly the little girl lead the boy to the end of the boat to see the fish, and hear it say life will always give you a place to rest and a sign and then the little boy saw the coin and began to understand. He began to rest and began to see the coin as a sign. And the eagle came flying down and took the boy to the pub and he understood more that nature was not their way the old hyenas had said it was, that animals are free and all of them have to be connected to Gaia the mother earth but flying or swimming or digging or climbing and each animal needs to find it own path with it mate. This is what nature tells us said the eagle. And he reminded the boy about how he used to play with the little girl and what fun she was and how she had loved looking into the deep blue sea before the monkeys came along and how she had held his had under water.

Then the little girl decided that her being in the boat all the time was not good for the monkeys, she was not growing and they needed her to grow or she could not teach them how to grow. She was not just about the boat and keeping it ship shape she was about so much more and she went to the edge of the boat and dipped her hand into the water and it felt soft and she loved it, it was so blue and even though the deep blue had broken her heart twice, she was funny really and brave and still could see how beautiful it was. Then she sang to the mermaids and they told her tails of the sea and the fish and the beauty. The little girl looked up and saw the sky and beyond that the green of the island and she knew what the hyenas were say was wrong for her, she didn’t want always to be in the boat and never leaving it and that she would not stop singing about the little boy always being underwater. Now the mermaids were as wise as the eagle and they did tell the little boy about the girl leaning over the edge of the boat, they knew that the girl and the boy and the monkeys needed to find a safer place to live and be together than the boat which was getting very rocky what with all this changing going on, and they had grown to love the little boy and never saw him barking as you cant bark under water. So they gently helped the little girl because helping her was helping the little boy. And they knew the little girl understood that the boy needed his own friends and in helping the little girl they had shown themselves to be true to the little boy’s love and trust.

So the little girl went to the edge of the boat and looked, the little boy would go to the other side of the boat and put his head under the water and then the monkeys would trip and fall so the little girl had to be very careful not to fall on the floor of the boat. When she did fall the coin rolled down from the deck to her feet to show her again how the hyenas had been barking at the little boy and how they used the shiny coins on their collars to distract him. Now the singing, the looking out of the boat, the pointing at the coin all were so strong that slowly the noise of the hyenas was being drowned out.

Then the little girl did the bravest maddest thing she could think of to mend her broken heart, she jumped in the water. Everyone looked the boy, the eagle, the monkeys and the hyenas and the mermaids smiled. Now the hyenas said she was crazy for jumping in and they told the little boy to bark more and do anything to keep her in her boat, it was her job to look after the monkeys. But in time he calmed and looked at her for the fist time in many weeks. Then the hyenas took more coins from their collars and tried to give them to the little boy but he kept on looking at the little girl, something amazing was happening. The mermaids were teaching the little girl to swim and she loved the sea...she was changing, she was not a little girl frighten of the water anymore, she was not sure what she was changing into, neither were the little boy, the monkeys of the hyena's. And the mermaids well they thought it was such fun seeing the girl changing.

All the eagles could know more as they fly high above the earth and were used to seeing many boats and had seen this story many times so he kept faith and helped the little boy keep his faith too. Soon the little boy put down the shiny coins and heard the mermaids telling him how beautiful the little girl was underwater, how her hair flowed, how her eyes sparked, how her body moved in the water and the little boy couldn’t stay barking in the boat any longer and jumped in. Needless to say the monkeys started jumping up and down in the boat like mad and the hyena's were cross too. But the eagle looked after the monkeys and knew that the hyenas were just being old fashioned about nature and looked after them too.

Soon the mermaids left the little girl and boy playing in the water.... now the boy had just been a barking cross boy who had broken her heart twice with the sea but now he began too to change, they both played and changed in the water and the monkeys began to be calm and even look after each other, grooming and play cards and connect four together. And as they looked they saw the boy and the girl change into dolphins and they leapt on their backs and they all swam to the island and lived on the beach which was away from the hyena's, and had the sea and the land which was much better than a little boat.

You might ask what happened to those old fashioned noisy hyena's well with the boat being empty they calmed and lay down and they looked out over the island and saw the monkeys being taught how to swim by the dolphins and how they all four of them splashed and played and for the first time they began to feel the gentle rocking of the boat and rested from their chattering and were peaceful. Soon the little boy and girl started having as much fun as they used too together but this felt even better because there was four off them. Do you think the monkeys learnt to swim and changed into dolphins? Well that would be up to them.  Like the eagles say - each animal has to find its own pathway with nature.


God will always give you a place to rest and a sign

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