Depression help is more than Depression Tips
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You can list depression tips from many sources. And as far as they go, many make sense. But as a route out of depression, they do not get to first base. At the beginning it is essential that you know what causes depression.

You can listen to this second Audio of the "Depression Help" series and read also my accompanied blog posting.

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There is a mountain of information and sources that makes pretty sensible points about what might help to relieve a depression. But if you have no idea about what actually is the real cause of these awful depression experiences and why they seem to be getting worse whatever you do – well all of these tips and ideas will fall well short of what is needed.

Depression tips are mainly OK, but on their own they are just not enough.  Like Hungarian goulash without the paprika – something is missing.

And what is it that is missing?  It is a clear explanation and understanding of what a depression is – namely the exhaustion caused by worrying too much and hence engaging in far too much high energy dreaming.

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