The Observing Self
Audio 8 of the “Wellbeing” Podcasts

We all know and use the Observing Self, even if it is unconsciously. It is the capacity human beings have to stand separate from their everyday existence. It is an essential aid to good therapy and is accessed when calm.

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The Observing Self is a concept written about at length in a book by Arthur Deikman. Not that he would claim any originality for the concept – as it has been part of who we are since ancient times, recognised by wisdom traditions that go back millennia.

So what is the Observing self?

The Observing Self is that part of us that can step back from emotions and be aware of ourselves as a unique centre of awareness, apart from intellect, emotion and conditioning. This inner core of our being is the essence of ‘me’ that nobody else can access or take away.  And the more we lower our emotional arousal the easier it becomes to enter our Observing Self, the wider the perspective we can see, and the easier it is to figure out how to overcome the obstacles we face.  This capacity is the special human talent.

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