Asking the Right Questions
Audio 10 of the “Depression Help” Podcasts

The questions you ask tell you a lot about how active you are, as opposed to introspecting uselessly. It is worth spending time asking questions that lead you in the right direction.

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It is self-evident that if you are not facing in the right direction you are unlikely to arrive at your desired destination. I am prompted to make this obvious point by my work with three clients - all have endured Freudian/analytical therapy for many years and all in consequence are stuck – attempting to find answers to impossible questions.

Thanks to their therapy they have a story (however misguided) which explains why they are suffering so. And from this, they find themselves failing to answer questions such as:

  • ·         Why am I incapable of love and empathy?
  • ·         Why can I not ever do anything that I really want to do
  • ·         What is it about me that mean everything I do always goes wrong?

Of course, as there are no answers to these questions, their failure to do so keeps them locked and lost in disastrous loops.

To move towards a life that works, one might think of a different set of questions such as:

  • ·         What could I change about what I do today that would mean that I was calmer in the presence of my partner?
  • ·         How could I reduce my levels of arousal so that I could think straighter about my problems?
  • ·         What is going well for me right now despite my problems and how have I managed this?

What are the questions that you might ask yourself?

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