Three Depression Reframes
Audio 11 of the “Depression Help” Podcasts

Ivan Tyrell (one of the Human Givens founders) said to a class I attended that reframing is the heart of all effective therapy and of course he is correct. The way in which a problem or situation is perceived, understood and processed can always be shifted – to offer the possibility of change and a sense of movement or time limitation. Hence, these depression reframes.

Listen to this Eleventh Audio of the “Depression Help” series and you can also read the accompanying blog post.

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How can you see your depression differently from the all consuming and terrifying monster that it can appear to be?

  1. Well one way is to begin to understand it better – because what you understand and can make sense of will lose at least some of its capacity to terrify you.  That is why the Human Givens REM sleep explanation is so helpful – it makes ordinary what was previously unknown and from it, hope can be built
  2. Another reframe is to understand why patience will help.  That there is no need to feel the terror of the out of control mind but to realise that there are ways to bring the tiger under control and then as your mind begins to clear, that big reframes will naturally emerge around aspects of your life, that previously (in the depth of depression) felt intractable and insoluble.
  3. And a third useful reframe comes from a needs audit of your life right now. For, as you see your life from this more neutral and detached place, you can begin to see possible solutions or at least small steps that can be taken by you right now.

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