Barbara and Ros trying to Reset
Audio 7 of “Client Stories” Podcasts

Our lives are evolving and changing, normally imperceptibly. But sometimes much bigger shifts are required. And the response we have can either be liberating or unfortunately keep us stuck and unhappy.

Listen to this Seventh Audio of the “Client Stories” series and you can also read the accompanying blog post.

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What if you have reached a stage – say in your late forties, when you realise that something big has to change? That was the case for Barbara and Ros (not their real names). Both lived on their own and found themselves lonely and unfulfilled. Moreover, in dealing with this (or more accurately, failing to deal with this) they suffered chronically from depression which from time to time flared up into something much worse.

Their situations on the face of it had different origins.  For Ros, it was a very aggressive suspiciousness – of risking letting anybody in close.   For Barbara, the loneliness was much more obviously linked to a chronic lack of confidence, which in turn had been fuelled by unfortunate circumstances to ever establish herself.

For both Ros and Barbara, their first desperate need was to find a way to be calmer ......

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