Timelines and Life Stories
Audio 9 of the “Depression Help” Podcasts

What is the life story you tell yourself? Do you feel stuck or do you see progression?  The answer will tell you of your emotional potential or what will keep you lost in depression.

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If I look back over my professional development as a Human Givens therapist, I can see so clearly how the idea of timelines have kept cropping up – so much so that I would say that their use has become an essential part of my therapeutic approach and increasingly explicitly.

I remember learning that if an early event (a trauma in childhood say) was cleared, then like falling domino pieces the brain could reprocess subsequent events differently and more easily. This was so, as each experience depended on the previous. The result could be that a lifetime could begin to appear as altogether easier and more empowering – as timelines. 

I remember reading Jonathon Haidt’s The Happiness Hypothesis.  He talked of the need for all of us to have a narrative for our life which makes sense and from which we can see progression and movement – even from the very worst of times. He also suggested a writing exercise.  This was that we can write down two stories – the life we have had and the life we might have had. For each story, we condense it into a sentence or phrase.  I can vouch for the power of this exercise and how as a therapist, you can make use of the second story – to help build an altogether more empowering life narrative.

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