Explaining Trance
Audio 4 of “What makes Good Counselling” Podcasts

Using Trance in my therapy has become second nature – I would not be without it. The reason is that it is in the trance state that I can access and shift the emotional patterns that need to be changed for emotional and mental recovery.

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The trance state is the gateway or platform to our emotions. The point is that we cannot function without being able to consult and connect to these pattern matches regularly and continuously otherwise we would just not know how to act and react to what was happening to us – every day and every hour and indeed every minute.  Rapid Eye Movement or REM is this special gateway to the place that holds the pattern matches.  It goes without saying that in order to enter this place you need special sensing equipment.  Well this sensing state is trance – of focused internalised attention where the conscious everyday world is cut out, at least to a degree.

And the trance state may be accessed therapeutically.  And so the definition of hypnosis or trance state is any artificial means of accessing the REM state. And there are many ways.

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