Using Rewind to clear Trauma
Audio 9 of the “What is Depression” Podcasts

If you told me that over the next week I could not use my normal trance methods and in particular could not use the Rewind method to clear trauma – meaning the emotion around powerful memories from their past, I would be panicking.

Listen to this Ninth Audio of the “What is Depression” series and you can also read the accompanying blog post.

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Around 75% of the clients I see, whether it for help with depression, anxieties of all kinds, addictions, diagnoses of personality disorder and so on or just having issues that need dealing with, will require me to clear trauma of some kind lurking somewhere in their past.

And so the knowledge that I can use Rewind to clear trauma (or traumas) and that Rewind “works” nearly every time – well I think that is pretty amazing.  This leads me onto another point that links directly with how Human Givens sees mental illness.  It is that most mental problems arise from a coping strategy that does not work. For example, we know that excessive and unproductive worrying will lead into depression.  So imagine what it would be to live with trauma memories – with emotions, nightmares and avoidance etc. that arise without any means of control. It is clear that that could so easily unravel to makes one’s life even worse.

It also makes you wonder how therapists who purport to help with the mental problems of their clients manage to do so in the absence of any means to detraumatise – which of course is the situation for most counsellors, Cognitive Behavioural Therapists and psychiatrists.

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