Examples of Rewind to clear Trauma
Audio 10 of the “What is Depression” Podcasts

There is nothing quite like practical real life examples of the successful use of Rewind – to clear trauma and facilitate healing.

Listen to this Tenth Audio of the “What is Depression” series and you can also read the accompanying blog post.

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Here are a few successful uses of the Rewind trance method..

  • Experiences of a very a difficult family gathering, dominated by rejection and loneliness
  • Veteran of Basra, reliving a six week period of seige
  • A car accident that led to a phobia of motorways
  • The death of a much loved parent and the subsequent pressure of having to cope
  • School bullying that extended to feeling of loneliness and separation and collapsing self confidence
  • Mugging attack in the middle of the street in broad daylight
  • Extreme embarrassment at an office presentation
  • Panic attacks extending over a month with the first particularly terrifying
  • The memory of the awfulness of that first depression

 And many more ....

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