Twisted Ankle Epidemic Fairy Story
Audio 3 of the “What is Depression” Podcasts

I often use the metaphor of a twisted ankle – that depressions can be thought of as similar. A twisted ankle just needs rest and it will heal itself. A depression similarly just needs you to rest your mind from useless rumination and it will begin to heal.

You can listen to the third Audio of the "What is Depression" series and read the associated blog posting also.

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Just suppose: that you were being told by all kinds of experts that there was an epidemic of twisted ankles running amok in the country. 

What would you think?

The first thought would surely be not to believe it.  Because you would know that twisted ankles were pretty easy to explain and to fix. All that was needed was to rest the ankle.  I suppose it would then be pretty tempting to look at who were the main beneficiaries of these incredulous “facts”.  The pharmaceutical companies obviously as they had created a whole class of drugs that was self evidently failing to combat the problems.  The doctors also who prescribed them – they must be getting something from propagating this view of epidemic. 

Still this is only a fairy tale about twisted ankles.  It couldn’t possible apply to anything in the real world!  Or could it?  Read this if you think maybe it might and read this if you think that you might have the stomach for it.

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