The Most Reliable Symptom of Depression
Audio 2 of the “What is Depression” Podcasts

As a Depression Optimist, one of the strongest tools I have is the knowledge of what fuels a depression – namely exhausted over-dreaming. And this causes exhaustion in the mornings, which is the most reliable symptom of depression.

You can listen to my second Audio of the "What is Depression" series and read my associated blog posting also.

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For depressed people, the mornings are the worst time of day.  The most important indicator of a depression is that simple and straightforward.   The day is then likely to improve, though not always by very much.

  • Compare that simple and arresting symptom with the typical list:
  • Feeling miserable and sad, being exhausted, finding the smallest tasks impossible
  • Losing any sense of enjoyment
  • Feeling a failure, guilty and a burden and that life is not worth living or passing you by
  • Avoiding people, losing self confidence
  • Being tense and irritable all the time
  • Having difficulty sleeping, dreaming all night long
  • Enduring physical aches and pains which appear to have no physical cause.

Why is the awakening time so exhausting and hopeless?  It is because when a depressed person wakes up, she is exhausted by the amount of dreaming that she has done that night – in a vain attempt to clear her brain of the exhausting rumination and worrying of the day before. Go here for more of why we dream

Is the early morning the worst time of the day for you?

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