Water Hose Metaphor
Audio 5 of “What is Depression” Podcasts

This hose image is a wonderful water hose metaphor – of how emotions can be so powerful that they just cannot be controlled. And if that is the case, then depression is easy to understand and also what needs to be done.

Listen to this Fifth Audio of the “What is Depression” series and you can also read the accompanying blog posting.

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Imagine water in full flow squirting out of a garden hose. is this water hose metaphor a little like emotions maybe?  Just as the water flow through a hose has to be the right pressure and not too powerful, so the same is true of emotions if they are to be useful and not destructive. 

That is why the overwhelming objective of my work with depressed clients is to help them use their emotions well and to be in control of them.  That they are using their emotions productively to get a life that works for them or in Human Givens parlance, to get their essential emotional needs met.  And why the understanding that for depression, dreaming cannot do its essential job properly - of emotional maintenance, is so important.

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